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Low level shower


Low level showers typically have a rim of one and a half inches or less, making them easy to step into and - even more importantly - out of. They come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and can be fitted in existing bathrooms, or other locations, such as an alcove off a bedroom (a recurring favourite).

Friendly, efficient service

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Key Features

  • Fold-up wood or cushioned seat
  • Easy to step into, and out of
  • Streak-resistant safety glass
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • High quality, durable fittings
  • Easy clean, mould-resistant panelling or tiles

Low level walk in showers are commonly fitted with sliding doors, but our most popular choice is for a larger, open-ended tray with fixed screen and no moving parts.

This works especially well when the shower replaces an existing bath, sitting on the same footprint.

High quality fittings

All can be fitted with a mains water ‘power shower’ or a high quality electrically powered shower. And, however agile (or not) you feel, we also always recommend that your shower has a fold-down seat: even children are prone to falling over in a shower when washing their feet!

The walls of your shower can be tiled, but most of our customers opt for high quality shower wall panels, as these offer total protection against seepage and are much easier to clean and maintain. All shower screens are made from toughened safety glass with a special coating to maximise water run-off and thus minimise streaks.

Conscientious, efficient workmanship

Our national team of bathroom specialists work methodically and efficiently, making sure that everything is done thoroughly and without delay. Most low rim walk in showers are installed in just two days, but the length of time depends very much upon individual circumstances.

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